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any tips for learning how to knit in the round? I’m having a horrible time!


  • Don’t try to make it difficult.  Most people do! But knitting in the round is the 2nd project I ever have my kids do (after a washcloth) because there’s no turning the work, seaming, or purling (except ribbing).  Additionally, you can almost always make a usable project (hat, wrist warmers, etc).
  • Divide up your stitches by 3 but in such a way that they’ll be divisible by your pattern (example, 100 stitches in K2P2 - do 32, 32, and 36 stitches).
  • Don’t try to put too many stitches on a needle.  They’ll expand as you knit the other needles & fall of the ends.  Pain in the behind!
  • Make sure all your cast on ridge is along the bottoms of the needles.  Bring the end of your last cast-on stitch needle to meet the first stitch of the first cast on needle, forming a triangle.
  • Use your 4th needle to knit into the first cast-on stitch. This will join your work.  Knit across the needle (or K2P2 or whatever pattern you’re doing).  When you finish the first needle, all the stitches will be freed from that needle, having been knitted onto needle 4.
  • Now use your free needle to knit the next needle, then that free needle to knit the next, and so on and on until the project reaches the length you need.
  • I knit the remainder of the cast-on “tail” in with the first several stitches, then leave a little piece of it hanging down. This will indicate where the beginning of the knitting is.  It’s impossible to put a stitch marker at the beginning of the first needle (it’ll fall off all the time) and a pain to move a marker every round
  • Alternately, if you’re absolutely addicted to stitch markers, you can knit a couple stitches of the first needle THEN place a beginning-of-round marker. 
  • You can make a beanie, hat, or cloche without doing any ribbing at all.  Just knit it.  When it’s done the brim will naturally curl toward the knit side (upward), forming a rolled edge.