Right it was

Adventuresofphunny, beedevouring, and oneinthereddress all said Right in the tattoo vote.

And I did do it on the right arm.  With my left hand.

And I am not left handed.

I did it to challenge myself.  And I have more to do in it -

  • black shading around the edges of the leg
  • red in the base and a line of it in the banners
  • dark purple in the little cloud above the lampshade
  • more black shading in the lampshade

But my hand gave out.  I’m not used to the weight of the machine (a pound) in my left hand, and that wrist still hurts from the accident last August (made MUCH worse by the sudden drop in temps last night and today).

I’m not satisfied with it as is, because I know I can make it better.  But I don’t hate it.

And I wasn’t UNhappy with it, until I came home and the kids were saying, well your linework there in the lampshade isn’t that great, and the back of the leg needs work, and the bottom of the W needs to be touched up, and why isn’t there more black in the lampshade, and Wow mom that looks like an apprentice tattoo, not work you usually do.

So now I’m embarrassed, and sad, and worried that my boss is going to be very unhappy with it, too.