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I was 32 when I started cooking; up until then, I just ate.” -Julia Child

I was 32 when I started cooking; up until then, I just ate.” -Julia Child

Food and Noise in my house

Diantha made her own birthday cake, dark chocolate, from my from-scratch recipe. She used store-bought frosting but I forgive her, and mucked up the surface of the cake so it looks like she rolled around in it but I’m sure it tastes wonderful.

I have homemade pizza crusts rising on the front porch in the last of the sun.

Des is making Baklava. I made her put the recipe book away. Mom knows how. Pretty soon One of these days she’ll know how without the book too.

Artemas is banging dishes around in the sink, pretending to wash them. Diantha is talking about something, something, somebody being awkward to which Artemas replies that that person could put her “awkward” hair all over him. Pervert. I have no idea where he gets it.

The kids have a movie on the TV that nobody is watching. Veronica is telling the little girls to get off each other. The younger boys are playing Star Wars but can’t agree on anything.

If there’s food, I’m coming.

If there’s food, I’m coming.

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Broke is better than dying.

Being broke isn’t any new thing to me. We’ve raised/are still raising 7 kids on 30K a year with no aid. But this time around I was really broke. Way. Broke.

An almost-stranger, without being asked, gave me $200. This is so much money to me. I seriously don’t spend a dime that doesn’t go to bills, gas, or food for me or the kids. If this generous person hadn’t been so kind, right now I would have $70 for gas & groceries until the 20th. And a week’s worth of gas for the car alone is $50.

I need a new pair of shoes. I have a pair of Shape-ups I’ve had for nearly a year. For at least 200 days in the last year I’ve walked 2.5 miles a day. These shoes are shot.

My car insurance renews next week. I have a tattoo convention to attend next week. I think the hotel is paid for by the shop but it’s a tank of gas to get there & back.

My X called tonight from New Jersey, where he’s visiting his brother. A year ago they diagnosed John with mesothelioma. His lungs were already filling with fluid. Two days ago he fell, sloughed a silver-dollar size piece of skin off his arm, and didn’t even bleed. He’s down to 118 pounds. He has about a month to live.

X said he’d cover the car insurance renewal. He didn’t give me any money for the trip I had to take to NY to take our son to college so I guess that’s fair.

And I’m thankful to the generous stranger.

And I’m not dying.

But I still can’t afford a pair of shoes.

30-day Drawing challenge, day 3 - favorite food

Pepperoni, italian sausage, onion, green pepper, mushroom, hot sauce.

Admit it, you wish you were me.

Or at least that I made your sammich.

2 meats, bacon, veggies, lite Italian dressing on multigrain roll. 560 calories for the whole 8” sub (I ate half).

This morning, in which I can’t quite get my act together.

I woke up at 7:30 & sent a good-morning text to Jay. I had another terrible headache. I took 4 Advil and went back to bed until 9.

Got Allen up, who crashed on my couch this morning, & hustled him out the door & to work. It’s sunny out but they’re predicting storms again today. No sense riding in the rain.

While at Kroger, I bought minimal survival provisions for this week. Then got a text from Allen that he had some meat put back to buy, could I get it? Then went through the register a THIRD time to buy potatoes for potato salad for the jamboree, because I forgot them.

Party city for chafing pans, sterno, and a light stick for inside my tent.

Let Diantha drive home.

I am feeling a lot of despair today. Wish I could shake it.

Now I have to do laundry and cook, 4# of basil-pesto pasta salad and 8 or 10# of potato salad.

And the air conditioning system is suddenly not working in my house, like it decided to do for a while LAST summer. I can’t afford for someone to come recharge it, nor can I afford a new unit. And I have NO credit. So I guess we’ll swelter a while, like maybe the rest of the summer.

Oh and I passed a kidney stone. Just a little huge one. Q-tip for size

Today wasn’t my favorite.

After this morning’s lack of having my act together

The X came over & cut up a big branch the storm knocked off our big Bradford Pear

Also apparently got the riding mower running.

I made 4# of pasta salad with basil pesto, grated parmesan/romano/asiago cheese, olive oil, pepperoni, chopped green pepper, onion, and tomato. Diantha cut up the veggies for me.

Des came over. She and I escaped for a couple hours and went shopping. I got a really cute “French maid” bra and panties set which pushes my boobs up so high they look like grapefruits. Funny. They had it in purple but no panties to match and it wasn’t on clearance like the pink. In a couple weeks I’ll worry about grocery money, LOL

While I was gone Di partially peeled & then cut up 10# of potatoes for potato salad. Tonight I chopped other ingredients for it & put it together. Both salads are for the jamboree tomorrow.

X took the kids overnight tonight & tomorrow night since I won’t be home then.

It’s quiet at my house. I’m tired from a busy day and passing a big kidney stone. And I’m a little lonely.

Once again my lunch is missing.

This week I am desperately broke. I also used my debit card/id at the store on Sunday and can’t find it. So even if I had money, I can’t just go get a sammich. Or go to the bank & get money, because you know, no id.

If someone had asked me if they could eat my food (a large burrito, and separately, 2 pieces of cheese pizza), I would have gladly let them have it.

Geez people if you’re hungry you can have my food but if you at least ask me, I won’t plan on eating it another day, only to find out I get to go hungry.

I have food at home that I could have brought, at least a lunchmeat sandwich… if I had known I didn’t have any here.

Autumne gave me part of her hamburger from the Wing Shack. I feel like a beggar.

Compromise (not really, since I had to cook it)

We ended up with cold Garlic Rotini Broccoli salad and pork chops pan-braised in bacon drippings, with Memphis barbecue rub… yum

Allen and I have decided that a late-night Taco Bell run is necessary to the continuance of life.

I am sure my food will NOT look like this.

I might add

Our fridge is always stocked.
Broke or not, we eat well, relatively fresh, lean, and real (no margarine, etc).
And all without food stamps.

uglystick replied to your post: I made a chocolate cake

cake is dandy… but how are you with pie? ;)

I make delicious pie. Very flaky homemade crust. But muffins… that’s my specialty. My muffins are the BEST.

At the tattoo shop today

One of our regular clients, a guy named Goat, just had someone help him carry in a cooler the size of a coffin.

Inside, wrapped in towels to stay hot, was a pot of bean soup with bacon… a pot of mashed potatoes… a casserole of home-fried okra… and a pot of potato wedges fried up with bacon. Oh and a huge cornbread. All still piping hot.

It smells so terrific, I’m having a hard time not going first to eat it. Nah, forget it, I’m going first.

In other news, I did an International Harvester emblem tattoo today so far.