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I thought I would gain a billion pounds from the roughly 1200 calories I consumed in beer alone last evening. But I didn’t. Oh and I’m sure I consumed enough germs to innoculate me until next year’s bash.

More to come on that, too

Ok more about the Integrity Bash, if you can bear it

I didn’t get drunk or totally fried. From the time I got there, I averaged about 1 lite beer an hour, and an occasional whiff of inhalation therapy in the mountain air if it was offered. I don’t like to lose control of my faculties.

Some people don’t have that same reservation though. At one point after dark, one guy drank an entire 5th of Jaegermeister, then put on a gorilla suit (all but the mask) and proceeded to fall down everywhere.

Some guys set up a target on an oak tree and used it as a shooting range. One of them asked if I wanted to shoot my gun and I said, “Mine’s where people can’t see it, and it’s staying right there.” Whereupon several guys offered to help me find it.

Autumne is the most gracious hostess I’ve ever seen. One would have thought she was in a mansion instead of a field in the Tennessee mountains, with 150 people, a port-a-pot, and no running water. She was everywhere, greeting and accepting everyone, with gentility. I love her.

Mark, a client who ended up being my tent-mate, lives not too far away and intended to drive home. Two hours later it was more than apparent that that would be a bad idea. I told him he could share my tent if he behaved himself.

He kept losing things (his hat, his drink koozie, his CHAIR, for god’s sake) and I kept finding them. He also lost his hearing from the shooting, so not only was he fairly wasted but one had to shout at him.

That was great fun. I’d be talking to people & he’d come up & say, “What did you say?” and I’d tell them that he couldn’t hear for shit and then shout something totally off the wall at him. The people I was talking to knew that wasn’t what I said, but he didn’t have a clue.

At some point someone put a 12-pack of beer into MY cooler. Hey, it’s my cooler, right? I didn’t drink any of them bc I had my own, still. Later on I found out whose beer it was. Then I had one, with her permission. Because I’m nice like that.

I met a lot of people and mostly remembered their names. This is amazing, because while I’m nearly a genius with numbers, names are just sounds to me so I almost never remember them.

There was some incredible ink walking around there. I got lots of tattoo pictures.

I’m sure I consumed enough germs to innoculate me until the Bash next year.

And Mark (mostly) behaved himself. Gotta hand it to him, he took NO means NO seriously. Might have helped that my 9mm handgun with one in the breech was within reach.

We may never know.

I can’t keep up and other Monday randomisms

The internet access was out today at work, so I haven’t been in tumblr in like 24 hours. I cannot even hope to catch up. Y’all consider all your posts hearted.

They’ve moved the date of The Bash to October 22.

I crawled around the tattoo shop today washing baseboards. Then I picked up a tattoo to do (pics later). Then I crawled around the tattoo shop again painting baseboards.

Despite my “advanced” age and the hard, cold, concrete floors that I crawled, knelt, and sat on today, I am not sore nor are my joints out of whack.

I am however out of beer.

I need two front tires on my car. Thursday morning I’m going to Paul’s Tires And Used Furniture (yes that’s really a place) and have him put two Maypops on my car for $50.

I can’t figure out how to transfer photo folders in to my iPhone nor can I figure out how to make folders for pictures. I need to put my tattoo pics in there.

30 days til my roadtrip to Mississippi to pick up Wolf.

I am excited about that, because, road trip. (And Wolf, who is LOTSA fun.)

The kids had steak for dinner.

Just in case I’m scarce this week.

I’m fully booked on tattooing tomorrow. Four tattoos plus tube duty from some I didn’t get to bag up and sterilize Friday.

I’m partially booked Tuesday, plus I have to pack a bag and food basket for my road trip Wednesday morning. And go to bed early, even though I don’t get home from work until nearly 9 PM.

Wednesday beginning at 6 AM is the road trip to pick up Wolf in MS. It’s a 7-hr drive there and another one back the same day.

Thursday I am doing tattoo work for him during the day and then meeting Des and her kids, and my kids, and going to Boo at the Zoo in Knoxville.

Friday morning I have to get up kind of early to go shop… we are cooking for the company Bash (I do all the side dishes) and then in early evening, heading up into the mountain in case my boss needs help setting up.

The bash is all day Saturday and into Sunday. TONS of fun but a lot of work for me leading up to it. Sometime I have to get my tent out to make sure it’s camp-worthy and find the pile of quilts we’re going to need to camp when it’s 40 degrees F at night, too.

If I don’t post, it’s not because I’m anti-social. It’s just because I’m not getting computer time (or there are things I’m not going to tell the Internets. LOL).