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So I have NO kids tonight.

For the first time, I think, ever, at least in this house. No maybe ever anywhere.

And it occurred to me on my drive across Knoxville that I could stop in the Irish Times Pub & have a cider beer on draft, which I really enjoy. Or when I got to my little town I could go in Chili’s and have a draft.

But then I thought, I’m not dressed that great (skinny jeans and a baggy sweater, both black). And I don’t want NOBODY to talk to me almost as bad as I don’t want to have to be vaguely polite to someone who might talk to me, that I don’t want to talk to me. Not sure I’m ready for the single scene yet, or ever.

And I don’t want to hang out for an hour just so I can legally drive home, because cops are out in force for Superbowl weekend already, and I just bought my car, and the last thing in the world I need is a DUI driving 3 miles home. Not to mention that it would nullify my carry permit.

And I reek from smoke from hanging around Boyd in the tattoo shop for the last 12 hours, and I need a shower.

So I came home to my nice QUIET (did I mention nice & quiet??) house, where I’m gonna get a shower, and knit, and watch a movie, and maybe if I feel like it, have a beer.

Yeah, I’m so boring.

I’m done talking to the Red-bearded Wonder for the night.

Awfully sleepy.

And while not tipsy, I’ve had enough beer to not want to try to knit on my project.

Which is lace.


maybe goodnight.

Thoughts on tomorrow’s road trip

Got my bag packed for the trip tomorrow.

Got my leather jacket outer seam, lining, and pocket seams sewn. It occurred to me that the way security at airports is, if I tried to go through with a jacket with the lining loose they’d probably tear my jacket apart looking for farm fertilizer to make a bomb, or something.

I am so tired. I slept terribly or not at all for the last 3 nights. Tonight I had a couple beers & a melatonin. Hopefully I’ll sleep.

I wish I had another one to take at the motel tomorrow night because I seriously do NOT ever sleep when at a motel.

We can’t take a cooler because Artemas can’t store it at college & I can’t bring it back on the plane. So I just got us some munchies and 2ltr bottles of Mtn. Dew. We can get gas-station foam cups of ice, and eat a fast-food sandwich for lunch.

I hope I don’t die from eating a fast-food sandwich for lunch. After the food poisoning I had from a McDonald’s in Baltimore once, it’s always a worry.

I have to be up at 5:30 AM. You gotta be kiddin’ me.

I wish the Red-bearded Wonder had called. I wanted to talk to him before I went on the trip but not sure I can stay awake.

Thursday thoughts & maybe TMI

While y’all made 12 pages of posts for me to catch up on, I mowed 1/3 of an acre of long grass with a pushmower (NOT self-propelled), showered, and went and got pizzas for the kids.

I am peeing blood, probably a sign of a pretty big kidney stone working its way out. Which more than likely explains the weird headache and slighly elevated blood pressure today.

I’m not putting my boobs up. Suffer.

I’m not getting laid any time soon, although strangely I have this notion that it would make me feel all kindsa better.

I am done with this day. Already quaffing a cold brew and gonna knit.

That is all.

P.S. My son bought the beer. My kids would not go without for that, no matter how badly my kidneys hurt.

So last night

I had to pick up Allen from work at 10:30.

I was kinda hoping the RBW would call bc I had something to ask him, but he usually calls between 10 and 11 and I was going to be in the car all that time.

So I told Diantha to make sure B was asleep and if Jay called, to answer the Skype and ask him to call my phone.

He called 10 minutes later. She asked him to call my phone. So he talked to her a few minutes. Then he played with Betsy (who was NOT asleep) for about 10 minutes, making faces at her and stuff. Then he goes, well since your mom’s not home I’m gonna go. Diantha says, call mom’s phone…

He didn’t.

I really needed to ask him that something, too.

Meanwhile I pick Allen up from work. He was late getting out. And he says, “Can we go over to Oskie’s pub & have a beer? Guys from work are over there.”

"Allen, I have kids at home." He says, "They’re in bed by now. Diantha is 16. The doors are locked. Just for a few minutes."

So we go to Oskie’s. Where I had 2 beers and a piece of somebody’s pizza. Allen bought a pitcher for him. Somebodies drank 2 glasses of his beer, otherwise he drank it. And a Colorado Bulldog. Another from-work guy showed up with his girlfriend, who after 2 beers was slightly drunk. After another drink she was drunk. After drinking my last glass of beer (which I didn’t drink) she was really drunk.

Allen wanted to play pool. I said, “Allen. I have to GO! I have to tattoo myself in the morning.” She said she’d take over his place in the pool game. If she could stand up. I wish I’d stayed to watch. When we left she was having another beer.

I got home at 20 of 2 this morning. Desiree said to me, “So your only big night out since Dad left was having beers with your KID?” (Well at least he’s a Marine…)

And, I butt-dialed my mom in Ohio from the bar.

Redneck bear is my companion this evening and he’s had too much already. Friggin’ lightweight.

So in my Feet-up Friday post, I said I was kidless & wanted to go home & nurse my tattoo & drink beer.

The plan changed.

  • I am no longer kidless. X and other kids were not home so I still have Diantha
  • We ended up cleaning an entire (3-body size) trunk full out of the back porch, to take to Des' yard sale tomorrow
  • I have no beer
  • We are going to go to the Kroger in Farragut to make sure Allen can get home alright
  • Then I am going to stop at the Kenjo and buy cheap beer
  • Then we’re going to watch Boondock Saints

Do I know how to have a good time or what


I dropped off the kids. Diantha had an emo-teenage-harpy episode because she doesn’t want to go to her dad’s. Because he will NOT let her get her septum or navel pierced, and I won’t let her without his permission. So we’re both assholes. Betsy was overtired and overheated and cried for me to stay with her.

Guilt trip galore.

I went for a 2.5 mile powerwalk. I almost never walk anymore because it takes me away from the kids an extra hour a day and I feel guilty for being away from them as long as I am already. I am turning to Jello.

I am home. It was hot in the house but I turned the air on.

It is very quiet.

I have cold beer.

I need a shower.

I have housework or several projects to work on. Desiree said maybe for ONCE I should just rest. Can’t believe my kid used the “R” word in front of me.

Usually my theory is that I can rest when I’m dead. But tonight I think I might just lie around.

Some rather late Thursday thoughts

I made homemade tattoo balm, because after continual use for about a month, I’m apparently allergic to any petroleum-based balm.

My homemade tattoo balm appears to be working wonderfully. My leg does not even sting.

This leg mural is shaping up to look exactly like I want it to look, in my head. Is that skill, beginner’s luck, or just a happy accident?

My headache finally went away.

The ride home was so cool it was wonderful but the humidity was so high, the air was like breathing damp wool.

I at least didn’t get wet.

The X took most of the kids for the night. It’s quiet in the house. I can lie on the bed and watch a stupid movie.

I passed a kidney stone the size of a BB today. There’s another one but it isn’t paining me.

I have beer.

I *may* have just used that 3rd beer to wash down most of a grab-bag of jalapeno cheetos.

But I didn’t eat dinner earlier.

And I haven’t put my lovely dark-beige arse with a dent in it on the internet.

So there’s that.

[PS I love that “cheetos” was already in my hashtag list]

OMG somebody please tell me

that the “Good beer - great sex” part of the future is true. Actually true.

I call it coke-bugs bc I don’t know how else to explain it

This large leg mural I’ve been working on peeled Monday and again today. The new skin underneath is very sensitive, even to the point where moving air over it stimulates the nerves. Not only that but I get “echo” twinges in other places on my body. It feels like I’m very antsy, like I can’t keep still, like I itch here, there, and everywhere.

Like an addict getting nerve-ending tinglings everywhere.

I’ve never had a tattoo feel like this when healing before. Even when I cut in all the black background 2 weeks before, it didn’t do this.

The guy I apprenticed under for a year says he’s had a few tattoos do that. And that it could be that I’ve just overtaxed my system by doing SO much area in such a short time (all the black and then all the blue within 2 weeks). Too much healing going on.

However that may be, I’m glad my kids stayed at the X’s tonight. It’s too hot in here for humanity and I’m too skeeved out to have to deal with anybody else anyway.

I’m going to take a benedryl & drink some beer.

And lie on the bed in my too-hot house in just a thong.

I had a lemonade beer. Maybe I’ll write a review for @dailybeerreview

It wasn’t that great. Kinda thin on the lemonade kick and waning on the beer part.


Where was I? Oh. He’s fine, got the tire replaced (thank GOD my generous BIL put money in my account yesterday, otherwise I couldn’t have transferred Artemas any for the tire) and will be home here by about 2:30.

Knowing that, Ima lay my head down and sleep like a baby.

Headed home, or not.

Allen got off work an hour ago, so he just called & said I could pick him up across the street at Oskies.

Maybe I’ll have a lil’ brew before I go home. LoL