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Today I went to Church…

Today I went to Church…

 revholy liked your photo: Today I went to Church…

Got anything that looks like that in the pews at Church of the Rev? ;o)

That’s all

I’m doing today.

For supper I fried bacon. After all the heat on the back porch I’d have done it naked if I could get away with it.

Also we skipped church, so now I’m not only a tattooed misery, I’m a heathen too.

But I wasn’t done sweating yet.

Before picture here.

So which is it, really?

I was thinking yesterday that I’m not a legalistic, rule-following, baptist-type Christian who gets all dressed up for church on Sundays.

Then I realized that I really do almost always wear a dress to church.

But I don’t do it because I’m “supposed” to.

I do it because little cotton dresses are cool to wear, easy to slip on (pair of sandals with and you’re done), and always look great. Men like dresses, by the way. Plus most of my dresses are fairly short.

And when you’ve got legs like this, you might as well take opportunities to show them off.

Even if it’s at church.

I just really can’t help myself.

The church sermon series is called “Losing the Leaf” (intimacy & relationships). The hand-out had Eve’s legs on it. Diantha said she needed some decorations. Since I absorb better when doing something with my hands, at least tonight I didn’t knit in church.

Flyer and closeups…

This morning

I baked 6 dozen biscuits, half of which had cheddar cheese and herbs in them. And I was late for church.

Saturday Snippets

  • I wasn’t around last night because after tattooing, I had to stay late to do tubes.  In the hour after the shop closed, I had 2 beers and 2 shots of Wild Turkey 101 held under my tongue. Artemas had come to pick me up so that’s ok.  Then I realized I’d had nothing to eat all day except an egg & cheese biscuit.  So by the time I got home, I was, hm.  Buzzed?  I was able to lay on the bed without holding on, and had some taco salad before I wondered if lettuce in a drunk stomach was a good idea.  (It stayed, though.)
  • My ex asked me out on a date to go out to dinner.  This is not exactly what I had in mind.  I think it’s a “Win yer wife back, not have to eat your own cooking anymore” thing.
  • No.
  • Today I had a terrible headache but 4 ibuprofen, 2 Goody’s powders, a Mountain Dew, and a nice nap this afternoon took care of it.
  • Six is always bullshit.
  • It snowed half-assedly today.  I think the same 16 flakes just kept getting blown back through the yard.  It’s bloody cold and windy though. At least for us here in the South.
  • The kids and I did church tonight so we wouldn’t have to go out tomorrow.  Our preacher said, “What was Jesus’ first miracle?  He was at a party and they ran out of Boone’s Farm.  He made more!!”  How Southern.  Also, our pastor has a twisted world view, which is probably why I like him.
  • Today a friend was texting me about the merits or not, of my ass.  That was interesting.
  • And none of this stuff is even weird.

I have never missed church on Easter Sunday in my life.

But today I did.

I got up at 7:30.  Diantha and I were supposed to go ahead of the rest of the gang, on the motorcycle, and hold babies in the nursery for the 9AM service.  The guys and kids were going to come along for the 10:20 service.

I didn’t have fever, but I was still achey and too weak to brave 1/2 hour on the bike in the cold and then hold people’s babies once I got there.  

So I slept some more, got everybody up and out, and stayed home.  Artemas stayed behind to help me, for 3 reasons:  1) because I needed help 2) because my car was already maxed out on bodies, not room for another, and 3) nobody else in the household is qualified to ride the motorcycle.

Also I thought it wouldn’t be nice of me to show up looking spectacular (I do today, but it’s a total front) to church if I had called in to not work the nursery because I was sick.

So here I am.  But it sure felt weird.

Everybody went to church

Except me, because I’m still not up to speed.

So I’ll just lie here and talk to Jesus by myself and pretend to be a heathen.

We did church

Then made a stop at the liquor store on the way home.

We’re having sloppy joes and mac’n’cheese and sautéed herbed garden veggies.

Then in a lil’ while mama’s having coconut rum.

Six for Saturday

1) I went to bed at after 3:30 AM and got up about 9:30. I had NOTHING on my agenda today. I could actually sit and knit if I wanted to. WTH is UP with that?

2) I made honey-wheat pancakes and turkey breakfast sausages. I ate my pancake with peanut butter and maple syrup.

3) then the Baptist-youth-pastor neighbor, trying to be kind to a single woman, mowed half my front yard with his riding mower. Making it necessary to now mow the REST of the yard.

4) in mowing the back yard, I came across a half cement block, which I needed to put around the pressure regulator by the water meter.

5) when I put the block there, I realized I needed to fill in the hole around it. Which my x dug 2 yrs ago before he left and never filled in. Grass was beginning to grow up the edges of the mound of dirt. So I spent 1 1/2 hours breaking up dirt and filling a hole. Wolf mowed the rest of the front yard because it’s not right I should sweat alone.

6) when I started to mow the back yard again, I happened upon the nest/colony of tiny black ants that has invaded my house. So I had to stop and go to the store for lawn insect control. By the time I got back home, it was too hot to finish mowing til evening. So I took a shower and taught Di some math and put B to sleep for a nap before leaving for church. So much for getting any knitting done. :o/

In church.

This week the music isn’t rattling the broken bone in my arm. This is progress.

For badassblogger

No Sundress Sunday. Just legs sitting in church…

For badassblogger

No Sundress Sunday. Just legs sitting in church…

Seven for Sunday

  1. Woke up this morning unhappy, for the first time in months.  I slept badly.  My arm hurt me most of the night & I woke up thinking of the twisted front forks of my ruined bike.
  2. I didn’t want to go to church today, but I did.  Our pastor’s younger son preached today and did a good job.
  3. I had two things I wanted to do today.  Only two.  I wanted to knit and watch some DVRd TV episodes.
  4. I took a nap
  5. I made pizza crusts from scratch & helped Diantha assemble pizzas.
  6. I showed Josiah how to work the washing machine & dryer. Supervised the washing of 4 loads of clothes.  Folded 2 loads, until my arm gave out.  Supervised Veronica folding a 3rd load.  The last is still in the dryer.
  7. I’m tired and sore.  I still haven’t watched any TV or worked on my knitting.  I don’t know if I’m up to it now.
B went in “big church” with me this morning

B went in “big church” with me this morning