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I missed GPOYW

Can I do it today?
Not a bad pic considering I had just been on my knees in the dirt playing with frozen water pipes…

I heart your glasses

Those are my tattooing glasses. They’re .25 stronger than my reading glasses, for seeing fine lines. I love them too… itty bitty hippie chick glasses that kick ass. LOL

Truthful Tuesday - I’m a total slob with popcorn. And B photobombs me alla time. (Taken with instagram)

Truthful Tuesday - I’m a total slob with popcorn. And B photobombs me alla time.
(Taken with instagram)

I *may* be the only one here with bones in my hair.
(Taken with instagram)

I *may* be the only one here with bones in my hair.

(Taken with instagram)

I put on a little make-up so I’d look better than I feel. Think I’m about to die from a kidney stone.
(Taken with instagram)

I put on a little make-up so I’d look better than I feel. Think I’m about to die from a kidney stone.

(Taken with instagram)

Diantha is a Diva (but she’s something wonderful)


So today we all went to Target to have our eyes looked at.

And apparently I need glasses. What? No, this can’t be. You mean everything’s not supposed to look like a dream world?

I looked around and found a few pairs I liked, and 1 that Mom said I actually looked right in, but wasn’t sure, so we went to Lens Crafters, and I actually found a pair that I loved and looked “right” in!!

Anyway, they’re only a small prescription, but they do make things a bit sharper. But that’s apparently what I needed. 

The only thing that bugs me is, I’m supposed to wear them all the time, and I’m so not used to wearing anything on my face.

Anyway, this is what I look like with them on… (You can’t really tell, but they’re purple!! : )

Y’all can’t see them but

Di's new glasses have 3 little rhinestones on each side on the temple piece by the top corner of the frames.  So she can sparkle. LOL ;o)



nancyfromutah replied to your post: Y’all can’t see them but

I love them. They look great on her and you really can’t go wrong with anything purple.


Josiah got dark-blue chrome frames.  

Artemas got black wire frame, narrow lenses so he can look over them if need be (he’s farsighted).  

And I got thin wire purple chrome frames with filigree earpieces, that make me look like a hippie (imagine!).  I have to have progressive lenses.  Need only slight correction but different in each eye.  And standard lenses would have me making a correction jump all the time while I’m tattooing.  Bah.  But I can’t order mine until after our benefit comes next week.  I’m not usually set up to drop 3 bills on glasses in less than a week. :o/

Roses and Thorns


  • having to drop a ton of unexpected money on glasses
  • having a dispute with Wolf, that brought me to tears.  First time ever since I’ve known him, almost 2 years.


  • The biscuits for breakfast were delicious.
  • my kids were delightful at the eye doctor. He commented on it.
  • He’s talking to me again.  That is what friendship is.

It's just a matter of perspective

  • Me: I ordered my glasses this morning. I'm a little nervous about it
  • Des: Why?
  • Me: Just because I'm somebody's grandma doesn't mean I want to look the part. Though these make me look like a hippie, so there's that. But what if they make me look weird?
  • Des: Mom, you're a tattooed misery. And you're worried about a pair of glasses, that you can take OFF, making you look weird?

My new glasses are making me sick.

I’ve probably had my eyes checked 10 times in my life.  Have never had astigmatism, only ever had a small distance correction for night use only.

The doctor put an astigmatism correction on there (what the HELL, did I EARN one or something?) so now everything is distorted.

The distance correction is too strong.  I can see individual leaves on trees 2 miles away, which is probably not necessary.  But when I look across the room, everything smacks me in the face.

The close-up correction is too strong for reading, for instance a text message on my phone, though it worked alright in doing a tattoo this morning (finer lines).

Additionally, since they’re progressive lenses, there’s a middle-distance correction where I didn’t need one, which means that everything in the middle distance is now fuzzy.

AND if all that weren’t bad enough, the correction is only in a small sweet spot up the middle of the glasses.  So everything in the periphery (where I didn’t have a problem before) is now fuzzy.  Have to turn my head and point my nose right at what I want to look at, meanwhile everything to the sides, swims.

When driving if I glance up or over at rear-view mirrors, they’re now out of focus, where they weren’t before.

The eye doctor’s office said I can come back Saturday and have a re-check done.

The lady at the glasses place said, we just put in the lenses he prescribed.  You’ll get used to them.  

LIKE HELL I WILL!!  I want to be like a small child and take them off and throw them on the floor.  But $150 out of my own pocket, I can’t afford to do it.

I call bullshit.

brentweav replied to your post: My new glasses are making me sick.

Make them fix it. It’s your money and your eyes so they need to fix this. I had a similar problem I had to fight with the eye people over

Yeah, they were like, in 2 weeks’ time your eyes will get used to them.  Like HELL!!  What they mean is that in 2 weeks’ time the glasses will force my eyes to adapt and worsen my vision permanently.  Bull crap.  If I have to I’ll forego the small distance correction (the one he has in there is too strong) and just use the reader prescription.

Today is Josiah’s 11th birthday

Happy Birthday to him!  I am so glad he is part of our family!

He is a GREAT kid.  Very smart.  He takes care of our chickens.  He’ll help out with any job you ask him to (with a little instruction).

Josiah got glasses this week.  He’s a lot little OCD and it messed up his sense of order and self just a bit.  He was very nervous about them, that they would make him look like a nerd.  But they’re navy blue chrome like Superman and isn’t he great! (And of course photobombed by baby sister Betsy)

We are having an “Angry Birds” birthday party, because I found a good deal on a cake with them on it.  HOWEVER!  There are NO Angry Birds birthday decorations available.  So we bought stickers for the kids to decorate the party plates, and goody bags with bright bursts of color like the birds make when they hit.  

He wanted a shrimp coctail ring and for everybody to get to make their own individual pizza.  I bought cheese italian breads to split open to make the pizzas on.

Des and her kids are coming, so that should be a lot of fun.

I have to go buy a bag of ice.