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What do you do to relieve stress?

When it’s operating properly, I go for a motorcycle ride. Otherwise I knit, draw, or talk to my best friend(s).

Ask whatever you want, doesn’t mean I’ll answer…

So! I’m not mowing yet. But Ultimate Toyz has the last rebuild kit available that I need for my bike, so a lil’ trip over there to pay for it is in order…

Oh, Red-bearded Wonder.

Come down and see me.
We’ll fix you up with that tattoo you want.
And I’ll ride you for hours on the back of my bike through the mountains.
A few days of East-Tennessee heaven.
And good company.

While I was at it, I made Cinnamon Swirl soap too.

More random thoughts…

The extra slice of bacon I cooked for myself was delicious.

If I can find where the X put the hammer & nails I’m going to spend the next couple mornings before work, putting more vinyl siding on the back of the porch we enclosed. Because I’m tired of my house looking like a tar-paper shack from the back. And because I need to mow Thursday and I’m tired of trying not to hit the pile of siding with the mower.

I have to go to work soon & I hope I’m not the center of a hell-storm between Boyd and Autumne.

I wish I felt the freedom to drop the occasional and casual F-bomb, because sometimes I feel like it.

This is gorgeous weather. I can’t wait to get my bike back from repair. Needing the wind rushing past and something large, powerful and throbbing between my legs.

My motorcycle! What were YOU Thinking??

Truthful Tuesday

I love to ride my motorcycle. I love the sound of the gears, the wind rushing past, the movement, the sights & smells you aren’t exposed to in a car, the freedom.

I’ve owned street-legal bikes for 39 years (since I was 10 years old) and have ridden since literally I was a baby, wedged between my parents.

They say “old” riders don’t get that way by luck. They’re right. I’ve only ever put a bike down once. Considering that in the last 6 years alone I’ve put almost 40,000 miles on a bike, that’s skill.

I am incredibly aware that every time I leave the house, someone who isn’t watching, someone who misinterprets the speed of the bike approaching them, someone on their cell phone, or with their stereo turned up too loud, or someone having a fight in the car can make my kids motherless in the blink of an eye.

I am hyper-vigilant to traffic and cell-phone users, and hyper-reflexive every minute that I’m on that bike. I want to come home to my kids.

And I’m so sorry for this person, but I’m thankful it wasn’t me.

 help-me-rhonda replied to your post: Truthful Tuesday

My mother and step dad ride and I honestly cussed a grown man in his face for pulling out in front of them once. People DON’T have a clue how to ride behind a motorcycle either.

Or in FRONT of one.

Motorcyclists rarely have to use brakes unless they’re actually stopping (for redlight, stop sign, etc.). It’s all throttle & gear & high-aim riding… scanning the road ahead for conditions and letting off throttle (gas) to slow down, or downshifting for rapid deceleration.

Cars hit their brakes ALL the damn time! For curves or lane changes or just because. I swear you follow a car for a mile on straight, unobstructed road and they’ll hit their brakes 12 times for no reason. NOBODY practices high-aim driving.

It aggravates the tar out of me, even if I’m driving a car, but especially on a bike, where any brakes ahead of us may mean having to panic stop. And often we can’t see around the vehicle in question to determine if there’s a need to stop or if it’s just another brainless-sheep false alarm.

P.S. I’ve learned to look through the windshields, but that doesn’t always help or allow reaction time.

 badassblogs replied to your post: Truth-some Tuesday

What do you ride and where is it?

I ride a 1982 GS650GL Suzuki and it’s in the shop getting the carbs rebuilt. I also last weekend bought new leather to do the seat and backrest, but haven’t done them yet. I need to hurry, right?

I’m sleepy this evening, but it’s too early for me to go to bed.

I get my bike back tomorrow. SQUEE! The guy not only rebuilt the carbs, he also put in all new seals, drained & changed the oil, put new fuel line hoses and new ends on the spark plugs. He said it runs beautifully. Total bill: $153.00.

I did need to buy a new battery for it, so it is on the front porch, charging.

I can pick it up in the morning, meaning Allen can have my car then to go to work for the 2nd shift.

However, it’s supposed to rain tomorrow.

I don’t care.

And Diantha is making homemade potato chips. Life is good.

OMG I feel like myself again.

By the time I got to work, I had goosebumps.
I coulda sliced glass with my nipples, and it had nothing to do with the temp outside.

Monday-night musings

I’m very sleepy, but there are 2 loads of laundry on my bed, tyrannically demanding in loud voice that I fold them before I go to sleep.

I love, love, love having my motorcycle back. It’s still missing a little bit, but that’s a spark problem. I forgot to take the guy the new spark plugs, but i can put them in for myself, so there’s that.

I think I did a good job on this tattoo. The skin trauma seems minimal. It’s not even burning or stinging or leaching plasma. All good signs. I think I’m getting better.

I have a shawl and a pair of socks on the needles but want to start another pair of socks.

Not that it matters, because between work, taking Allen to and from work, yard work, running the kids places, and church, I have hardly any time to knit anyway. Except in church, LOL.

I had hardly anything to share today on tumblr. Think I blew that load last night anyway.

Did I mention I’m sleepy? Because I totalally am.

 dammitkate replied to your post: YES, you really can

That is downright impressive.

I have hauled home 50# bags of chicken feed, groceries, and my 240# culinary-arts school tattooed kid. 

Any excuse to be on the bike is a good excuse. I don’t care what’s on the back as long as it holds on…

Random Late Thoughts, revisited

I let Diantha have a beer. She drank 2 oz. & said it wasn’t good getting warm. I poured it over ice. She said it tasted weird. Score an extra beer for Mom. And for teaching the 16yo that drinking isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

Betsy, who wasn’t sleepy, just lay down on my loveseat in my room and in no kidding, 6 seconds she was snoring.

If I have one more beer I might put my ass on tumblr.

Allen just called from Knoxville, said he broke the clutch cable on my bike. He can NOT ride my motorcycle any more. He’ll have to power-shift home. I don’t want him to leave my bike somewhere overnight. And I can’t go get him, I’m drinking.

That doesn’t seem like a bad idea. In fact I could name quite a few things that don’t seem like a bad idea at the moment.

I’m typing very well indeed for a person with 3 beers in them in the last hour. Good job.

So I worked through whatever was bad about today.

I let go of a lot of stuff I couldn’t do anything about.

Cleaned out some junk, that always makes me feel lighter,

Laughed with my kids some.

Tonight I’m not hating my life.

Just for fun, here are some things that make me happy.

TMI Thursday

I had a breakfast of liquid protein

Then spent an hour with something large, throbbing & powerful between my legs
(my motorcycle… duh!)

My head is killing me today

I’m tumbling while I look up tattoo power supplies on ebay for the boss.