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Handspun yarn available @ Fluff4ewe

Handspun yarn available @ Fluff4ewe

I purposely missed 30 Days of Knitting day 12

…because I didn’t have my camera handy. The question of the day was:
Do you have a special place you keep your yarn stash? (post pictures)

I have an antique high-boy dresser in my room, that was my grandmother’s. It’s across from my bed, and has my TV sitting on top (in case I get bored, LoL). The bottom of the dresser has a 2-door cupboard where I have “lots” of yarn (groups of several skeins alike) and old T shirts to be cut into Tyarn to sell in my recycled-yarn shop at Etsy.

The next drawer up has what I call Acrylic Abominations. Granted, some of these yarns are also cotton or wool blends, and there are some skeins of dishcloth yarn. This is the drawer I let the young kids pick out of when they want to knit something. LOL

The next-to-top drawer is Wonderful Wools. These are about half hand-dyed (some by me!) and mostly sock yarns. There are also some alpaca or angora blends and some Australian Merinos. This is what it looks like [swoon]…

The top drawer is all Heavenly Handspun yarns. Some were done by my daughters Desiree and Diantha, some by me, and some by other lovely artisans. The maroon & white yarn is 50% recycled soda bottles. I get just about giddy with ecstasy when I open this drawer…

I’m not even gonna post my fiber stash. It’s nearly embarrassing. My own personal stash for spinning fills an entire 30-gallon Rubbermaid bin & has Merino wool, bamboo, hemp, soysilk, mulberry silk, silk noils, Corriedale wool, camel down, llama, angelina and angora. Then our stash to card or spin for Diantha’s Etsy shop takes up another 4, 30-gallon bins… and that doesn’t include the 10# box of raw llama or the approx. 60# of raw local corriedale out in the shed.

Awesome old-school style knitting tattoo…


My New Tattoo 1 (by amy Kett)
Awesome old-school style knitting tattoo…


My New Tattoo 1 (by amy Kett)

This also rocks the knitting world.


Some knitters are hardcore.
This also rocks the knitting world.


Some knitters are hardcore.

(Source: andibgoode)

OMG. Yarnporn at it’s finest.

OMG. Yarnporn at it’s finest.


Knitta Please

PLEASE.Friggin’ awesome.

Knitta Please

Friggin’ awesome.

So this week I begin tattooing for practice.

Grapefruits first, because the zest layer of the skin is the same as the needle-depth one needs to tatttoo human skin.

Then pork fatback, because the ink spread (or “blowout”) is almost the same as in human skin.

Then ME. Yes. Tattoo artists’ first tattoos are traditionally on themselves, and on the thigh.

I designed this Rocky Horror Picture Show set of lips with old-school banner to do.

But my master says that because the shading is fairly complex, with black layered under the color, I might want to start with something simpler.

And then he says, also start with something you can build on, so that as you come across new needle-sets or have a new machine to try out, you can add to your own tattoo while you test the equipment.

So I started racking my brain. I love Alphonse Mucha art, so one of his-type posters would work… do the head, then later bust & arms, then body… then complex backgrounds, etc.

But I decided that would be a better calf piece. I wanted to incorporate something to do with yarn or fiber arts. Then I thought of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, when the Improbability Drive turned the ship into a yarnball. And I came up with this.

I can add elements from HHGG to the design (42. Don’t Panic, the towel, the flowerpot, whale, dolphins, Babelfish, hitchhiking thumb…) a bit at a time and end up with a mural on my thigh, with the yarn winding around and through it, tying the elements together..

I never met you, but let me say, “Thanks, Douglass Adams.”

I am such a geek I can barely breathe sometimes.


Cat-knit by *Maria-van-Bruggen

Our cat is curiously indifferent to our knitting, but this is funny.

Cat-knit by *Maria-van-Bruggen

Our cat is curiously indifferent to our knitting, but this is funny.


i love yarn the way that some women love extremely expensive shoes.

Me too.

i love yarn the way that some women love extremely expensive shoes.

Me too.

Progress on the Haruni shawl

I’m not as fast as I’d like to be, though Chart A of the pattern is easy to memorize and quick to knit. I’m putting a single glass bead at the top of each stem’s series of yarnovers.

I have 1/2 of a Chart A repeat to go before I can begin Chart B, which she says will take 50% of the yarn. So far I’m right on target not to run out. **fingers crossed** I want to put quite a few more beads in Chart B, but don’t want to make the shawl bottom-heavy.

I’m loving this yarn with this pattern. The little specks are visually more interesting than the plain antique ivory color would be, but not enough to detract from the pattern. Nice pattern to yarn match.

This is, of course, unstretched. I’m using a size 5US needle with light fingering yarn.
Rav link


Omg Daryn is plying!!!

That’s it… teach ‘em right and start ‘em young.  That’s what I do too.

Omg Daryn is plying!!!

That’s it… teach ‘em right and start ‘em young. That’s what I do too.

instructions for dyeing with koolaid.
(via knitty.com)

instructions for dyeing with koolaid.

(via knitty.com)

I never mention this on tumblr

But I just renewed a bunch of items in our Etsy shops. Hopefully I can have some new items soon, too. We’ve had these shops for several years… just with the divorce & tattoo training I’ve been kinda too busy to upcycle or spin or dye new yarns.

Hand dyed, Recycled yarns

Handspun yarns and fiber batts for spinning (Smilebeauiful's shop)

Handknit or Recycled Felted accessories


tools (by littlecottonrabbits)

Weapons of mass knitting construction.

tools (by littlecottonrabbits)

Weapons of mass knitting construction.